Private Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching for CEOs and Executives.

Failure is done alone, success takes others.

The pressure on individual leaders and managers to perform these days is immense. The pace of change is beyond most people’s ability to navigate on their own. Businesses are leaner, customers are more demanding, the competition is smarter and employee loyalty is tenuous at best. In the midst of this enormous responsibility, what’s a leader to do? The smart ones seek out help. Failure is done alone, success takes others.

Leaders must also do all of this while not allowing their work lives to get too far out of balance and adversely affect the lives of those closest to them. After all, what’s the point of working so hard and achieving so much, if those closest to you are a casualty to the process. Our focus should be to live with purpose and intention.

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As one of my Vistage members, you will become part of a local, tight-knit group of CEOs dedicated to each other’s mutual success. Additionally, as part of Vistage, you join a community of over 20,000 CEO and executive members from around the world.

Private Coaching Success Stories

“Marty enters every Coaching session, prepared, passionate, and is willing to invest whatever is needed to make me a better leader. It has allowed me to move my business forward where I was often stuck before.”

Watts Huckabee

CEO – Carolina Insurance and Investment Group

“Marty’s coaching pulls things out of me that somehow, I was not able to access on my own. We strategize and make better decisions.”

Lori Brown


“Marty approaches my real-world problems with his real-world experience. He approaches each CEO differently depending on where they need to take their company and what they need to be a better leader. He is a servant leader, who walks with me, and challenges me to be better.”

Michael Clegg

CEO – Q Works Group
“Each time I see Marty, I have a pressing issue brewing. He can talk me through the problem and get to the root cause so that we can come up with a solution to the issue”

Jill Bowyer

COO – Prescient National Insurance
“Marty has a lot of business leadership experience and success, unlike other coaches I have had who do not have such a proven track record. The Vistage Group of other CEOs helps me to get feedback about issues I am having and provides creative solutions so my situation”

Kelly Jesson

Managing Partner – Jesson-Rains Law